MetaImage 2: new features and improvements


We are preparing MetaImage 2: the next free major update. That’s why we need your feedback. It is essential for us that the application meets the needs of the community. Therefore, we invite you to share your use cases and the features that you would like to see in this future update.

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The most important missing feature for me (and I would think many other users) would be the ability to edit metadata for movie files.

Modern phones (and dedicated cameras) almost all shoot both stills and movies, but there does not exist a good solution for editing the metadata of movie files. I think it would make sense and be tremendously useful to add this ability to MetaImage.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback. Adding functions related to videos is a tremendous job. That’s why I think I will make a second application for that task, unsurprisingly named MetaVideo. I’m going to finish MetaImage 2 first and then start working on MetaVideo.


Most important for me would be a synchronous editing of the description in Exif, IPTC and XMP at the same time. Like in Digikam

WebP should be supported, I’ve started using that.

Not so important, but useful:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts cmd+arrow left/right should work for text editing as usual in most Mac apps for navigation to begining or end of line. I’m used to keyboard shortcuts, but in MetaImage this always throws me out of my editing. Since the recent versions don’t loose the content it is not so much of an issue as before, but still annoying.

  2. The geolocation editor always opens in default magnification. It would save some time if it would open with the last view.

  3. A quick switch for the map choice would be very handy.

  4. Sometimes Open Street Map provides more info off road than Apple or Google maps, but I’m not sure if this is worth the effort.

  5. Tooltips for the top buttons

  6. Support for movies would be appreciated, but it is not really important to me. Not yet – once I start taking short clips as an addition to still photos, this would become more important. I’d prefer having this inside MetaImage, so that I can handle it altogether.

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One thing that would be handy for me would be the ability to toggle on/off satellite/map view from within the GPS screen rather than setting it in the preferences.

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Thanks for your advices. I will try to make all the changes.