Will GlueMotion work on soft-links?


I will try this myself, but I’m building different video lengths of my timelapses, by eliminating a portion of the frames, and generating another video with the smaller set of frames. I.e. I’ll make a folder with soft links to half of the original shots, and then point GM at that folder. And a quarter, etc. for shorter versions of the same set of base images.

I expect this will work, but if you’re aware of issues with this approach, I’d love to know about it before I write the scripts to create the links.

Thanks in advance, and I’m really loving GlueMotion…

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I just checked and the symbolic links didn’t seem to work. Thank you for bringing up the problem. I will add the functionality in one of the next updates. Do not hesitate to send me other feedback so that I can correct them.


Thanks for getting back to me. I switched to copying the files into separate folders for each of the TL durations, so I haven’t looked at the problem for a little bit.

Interested to see what you find.

Thanks for looking into this problem.