Where is preset data saved?

I’m looking to copy my presets from one Mac to another and would like to know which files, if any, should I look for?

Also it would be great to have such feature in future versions.


Hello there,

The presets are saved using the UserDefaults API provided by Apple. You can access them using the defaults command in the terminal.


MetaImage provides buttons to import and export them.

Let me know if you need more options.

Thanks for your reply. I had no idea the import/export button was there the whole time.

What I’m try to do is to sync the presets between 2 machines automatically. I’ve been digging around ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Application Support hoping to find the file that stores the preset data, with no luck. Perhaps you can point me to what I’ve looking for?

Thanks again.


I am sorry for the delay. I found the file thanks to the grep command. On my machine, the file is located here:

~/Library/Group\ Containers/JVTX6KC453.group.com.jeremyvizzini.metaimage/Library/Preferences/JVTX6KC453.group.com.jeremyvizzini.metaimage.plist

The file represents a dictionary and the key is MIKPresets.

As the files are stored by the system, if you want to create your own sync system, I encourage you to use the command defaults to fetch data.

The best would be to sync preferences in iCloud by just enabling the option in the preferences. I will add the idea to my long TODO list. At the moment, the simplest solution is to export the presets manually via the toolbar button and to import them in the other Mac similarly.