What EXIF/IPTC/XMP field will populate the Title field in Photos?

  • I edit the metadata fields shown in the screenshot.

  • I commit the changes
  • MetaImage asks if it’s okay to continue. I say yes.
  • Photos asks me if it’s okay to let MetaImage delete the original file. I say yes.
  • The new photo with the edited metadata appears in my Photos library
  • I select the Get Info sheet in Photos
  • The Title field is blank as shown in the screenshot.

NB: I imported the IPTC test image and the Title field in Photos was populated with IPTC Object Name.

What field do I use to populate the Title field in Photos, please?

Hello there,

You were right when using the IPTC:ObjectName for the image title. Here is a short article about Photos and tags here:

I just reproduced the problem. I’m surprised because everything works as expected when importing an image from the Finder into Photos. Photos seems to ignore the title when importing via PhotoKit. I have no effective alternative solution. I will contact Apple to ask if it is expected.

It seems PhotoKit does not support title and faces…

Hi Jeremy,

I decided to try the Photos Remote feature, and it is working as expected. So if I need to add/edit the Title field in Photos in MetaImage, I’ll use Photos Remote instead of the delete/replace function of the main app.