The "SetFile" command requires the command line developer tools



When trying to save changed files on Catalina, I always get the message
The “SetFile” command requires the command line developer tools.

Is there anyone experiencing the same error? How to solve it?




I am sorry for the issue. We are working on the problem, but we did find a way to reproduce it on our computer.

SetFile is a command used to sync EXIF dates with Finder dates.
Can you try to disable the syncing in the preferences? Let me know if this solution works?

Did the issue happen after an update of macOS or/and an update of MetaImage?

Thank you very for the help,
Jérémy Vizzini


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your tip. When I set File System as you can see on attached picture, the error is not present. Obviously, as you said, because the date/time is not changed as per EXIF data. Anyway, will you please work on the fix as I’d like to have create date set as per EXIF data.

As for your question when the error started, I’m a new user of your app, so no updape has been done. Just the first install on Catalina and I got the error for every save.


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Thank you for your feedback. I made some changes to fix the problem. The update is coming soon.