Synonyms – great! But how do they work?


I love all that MetaImage does! And was thrilled to find it is – seemingly – one of the few softwares allowing for the totally needed “synonym” feature.
So, MetaImage gives an option to insert synonyms into the keyword list. But then… I fail to see what it does. There seems no way / place in the UI where I can leverage inserted synonyms and search for them etc.

– can someone enlighten me: do I overlook something? is this a bug? a depracated feature?

Thx a load!


Thanks for the compliments about the app. :grin:

The support for a keyword database is not fully implemented yet. The file parser has been added and can read synonyms from standard keyword files, but currently, they are just stored in the app and not actively used. I plan to wait a few months before enhancing keyword support by integrating SwiftData, which is still too young to be used in production. Then I am going to modernize keywords and presets.

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