Support for Affinity files in MetaImage



I wanted to request support for images in Affinity’s own format. This is especially important with their studio link system that uses the same format across Photo, Publisher and Designer.

I did actually try to send an email via the main website, but I think your contact form is broken. After hitting the send button the message remains and a message pops up saying “Thanks, you will be in touch”. No confirmation email has been received.


@jeremyvizzini I don’t think the contact form on your website is working and it doesn’t look like you saw my earlier post either.


Hi Flasman,

I received your e-mail and saw your post. I get dozens of emails a day and I answer everyone in the order of receipt.

Currently, I have no idea of the system put in place by Affinity. I added your proposal to the TODO list. The feature will be added in a future update if it can be implemented.

Thanks for the feedback.


I don’t know if you have Affinity Photo installed, but you could certainly try the 10 day demo if not.

If I look under the EXIF tab for All info, rather than a summary, I can see it includes dc:rights with the relevant copyright information, then below that it has dc:subject for each keyword that I added via Lightroom, which I believe is IPTC.

None of this is relayed in a clear manner that is easy to read and there is no way at present to add or edit keywords in Affinity Photo, though there is a section for description.

One day I would have to imagine they will improve this, but in the meanwhile any user of Affinity software is stranded and a product like MetaImage could really fill the gap for those who want to stick with the native file format.

I adopted the DAM system many years ago, following the methods of Peter Krogh as outlined in his book and I really want to enjoy the advantages of Affinity, but not at the expense of a disorganised image archive.


Thank you for all this information. I will download it and look at everything more closely.