Some improvements for the app


Hello, it is a great fast app, but some improvements could be made if possible.

  • Drag and drop files directly from a folder to an app.
  • “New timelapse” button on the export screen for a new timelapse sequence - now you have to close/reopen the app for the easiest way to start a new timelapse.
  • This is not a necessity, but could be nice - a stabilization method (i guess this is too much, but a lot of a dron timelapses is done where stabilization is a must)

Thank you.



I will respond to each improvement one by one.

  • Drag and drop is already implemented but we had to deactivate it. macOS does not allow dragging and dropping more than 3000 elements. When such an action is performed, the system silently blocks the application. This leads to incomprehensible situations for the users. In addition it is impossible to allow the drag and drop of folders and to disable the drag and drop of images to avoid the problem.

  • You can use the menu bar File > New.

  • The addition of stabilization would indeed be a real plus. However it is a big job to add that. I keep it in my TODO-list.