I’ve added the following metadata for some TIFF files. These fields were initially either empty or incorrect because they are scanned film negatives.

Camera Make
Camera Model Name
Date/Time Original
Focal Length
Lens Make
Lens Model
(some various GPS info)


… Smugmug is picking up only the values for Date/Time Original (shown as Date Taken), ISO, Focal Length, Lens Model. Everything else is missing, but I know Smugmug can show far more metadata.

If I bring the images back into MetaImage to verify my changes the fields look fine. My edits are there.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Smugmug or suggestions, thanks.



I am not a smugsmug user. When the metadata changes are not displayed by an application, most often, the reason is that the application reads other tags than the ones you have changed. In your case, smugsmug may use IPTC or XMP data instead of EXIF. I encourage you to ask smugsmug directly.


Thanks. And yes I’m asking them now. I do know that when a file is uploaded to Smugmug that was originally created by a digital camera, even after editing in something else, a full suite of metadata appears on Smugmug, as expected.

I don’t yet know what Smugmug reads or expects to see, nor do I understand the types of fields digital cameras use. The latter seems to be the sort of thing we might easily find out … somewhere.

Thanks for your time, Jeremy.


Quick update … I made a spreadsheet showing the results of a few MetaImage fields populated with sample values, and where/how they currently appear on a SmugMug image page.

Again, all of this is mainly of interest to people shooting film or some other converted-image that doesn’t being with proper metadata.

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Great idea and good job man !!


super helpful! thank you