Set same clip range for all files


I want to process a bunch of files using the timer capture and clip range. I haven’t figured out how (or if it is possible) to set an identical clip range for all the files at once. I have to do it for each file one by one.
My objective is to get one capture per video at 1 minute after start of clip.
Is this possible?
By the way, great app - useful, simple, fast, good UI, so well done and thank you.


Hello Igor,

Thank you for the feedback. In the current version, you have to change the clip of all files manually. I will add an option to set the same current time and the same clip range in the main menu. In this way, you will capture the 1 min frame of all the videos in the playlist with the batch mode.

I will add the option this afternoon. The update will be released in a few days.