Set Dates with limited info (e.g. year only)?

Is it possible to set dates in MetaImage with incomplete or limited data?

e.g. I scanned some old film and I know it was winter of 2002 but I don’t remember which month or day, let alone the time.

It looks like in general XMP can take just YYYY or YYYY:mm or YYYY:mm:dd without HH:MM, but in the MetaImage UI it’s forcing a precise selection of M/D/YYY H:MM:SS. It looks like EXIF requires full precise date+time(?).

Is there a way I can key in just the YYYY=2002 without choosing an arbitrary M/D and Time? Or on images where I know YYYY:mm but no dd, or YYYY:mm:dd without time, etc?

Hello there,

Thank you for suggestion. Indeed the current version of MetaImage does not allow writing incomplete date. I added the idea in my TODO list.

Have a nice day,
Jérémy Vizzini