Reducing file size of output


I’m nearly a quarter way through collecting images, and the output file is already 1.2GB
Does anyone have tips for best output settings for keeping image quality but reducing the file size?


Hi MikeC,

The only thing you can do is to use the HEVC codec, which is the best compression algorithm. Other changes, such as changing the resolution, would decrease the quality of the timelapse.

I hope it helps.


What a difference using HEVC.
Although it took an age, the file is reduced from 1.09GB (with default settings) to 259MB


We could write a book on the subject. I will try to make a short explanation.

The difference is the compression algorithm. Depending on the codec, the image is either stored in raw or compressed to reduce the weight of the files. To summarise, compression is a mathematical calculation which makes it possible to generate given information from less information. This advantage is not without drawbacks. Encoding the video takes longer, and playing it (decoding) requires more power for the computer.

A lot of different codecs exist with or without compression. Also, there are compressions with and without loss of quality. The most used codec with compression is H264. Almost all platforms support it. HEVC is an improvement of H264, which reduces file sizes better. You should know that this is a technology pushed by Apple and supported almost only on Apple devices.