Quick Action Menu Items Not Working?

One of my main uses of MetaImage 1 was to distribute date/time info across multiple scanned photos. It looks like I should be able to do that in MetaImage 2 using the quick action menu, but I can’t figure out how. When I select photos to edit and click on the quick action icon, I can see the various options (including “distribute date/time”), but usually can’t choose any of them other than the default of “keep current value”.

Oddly, once in a while I can actually check off one or another of the options, but when I try it a second time, it doesn’t work. And that only seems to happen when I’ve only selected a single image rather than a batch.

So my question is, am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Hello there,

I think it is a bug. The “distribute date/time” action should be available if you have selected several files and you are editing date tags.

I attached a video demonstration.

Do you have the same behavior?

Thanks for the response. I just tried to duplicate the steps you showed here, but there are a couple of differences for me. First, the pop-up box that opens after clicking the edit icon looks quite different for me, and then the quick action menu won’t let me select any of the options.

I was going to attach a screencap of the pop-up box, but as far as I can tell, the upload option here isn’t working for me…

My app is via Set App and is identified as Setup 2.0.10 (6166). I’m running it on a MacBook Pro M1 with macOS Monterey 12.6.


Can you send me the screenshot/video by email? The email address is hi@neededapps.com

(Some elements in the interface may be different because I am using the next update of the app in the example.)

Thanks. I just emailed you a link to a screen capture video of the problem.