Question about "IPCDigest is not current" warning

After modifying IPTC data (MacOS Big Sur) with metaimage, listing the EXIF data with exiftool shows a warning “IPTCDigest is not current. XMP may be out of sync”. Do i have some option to activate within metaimage or does the app just ‘forget’ to recalculate the checksum? It would be fine if i could handle my meta data within one application and not have to correct it in exiftool. Thank you for your advice.


Thank you for the feedback.

MetaImage does not currently propose a solution to update the IPTC Digest. But the problem can be fixed very easily. Do you have an example of exiftool command? So I will add an option to perform the update directly from the main menu bar of the app.

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i use the following command:

# exiftool -IPTCDigest=new -overwrite_original *FILE*

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Thank you for the help, I will add the support of the tag in the next update.