Problem when exporting frames from Apple's DolbyVision Video

Hi, I notice that, despite the video being correctly displayed within the app (unlike what happens with VLC or MPV) the frames exported don’t correctly match the colors seen inside the app. The resulting PNGs are 8 bits instead of 16 (DV and HDR both have 10 bits of color) and by using DaVinci I know a color transformation should be performed for color space to match that of RGB. A lot of color is lost and the exported images look over-darkened or over-brightened.

Hello there,

Unfortunately, SnapMotion does not support HDR-exported images. The problem has been identified and comes from a piece of software provided by Apple.

I am working on a solution to implement this piece of software by myself. However, it will take a moment to implement that as I have to be sure that it works well on many formats, etc. For the moment, there is no solution.

Have a nice day,