Preview Fujifilm .RAF RAW Thumbnail / Embedded JPEG

Hi, when I access a folder the browser does not display the embedded JPEG in a Fujifilm .RAF RAW file. What changes do I need to make to display this? If I cannot see the image, it’s impossible to adjust the metadata :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

MetaImage uses the same engine as QuickLook to display files. Are your files displayed correctly in the Finder or by QuickLook?

You can send me an example of a file to

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As you can see in the Apple documentation, some compressed formats are not supported. Digital camera RAW formats supported by iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey - Apple Support

I will try to implement a workaround. However the solution will have to load the files to generate the preview.

Hi Jeremy - yes, you’re right, Apple, despite making billions in profit cannot afford to fix extraction of the JPEG preview in .RAF compressed files!

However, I can see the JPEG previews in Capture One, Lightroom, PhotoMechanic, FastRawViewer and Adobe Bridge (…and I believe RawPower have also fixed this). So given that MetaImage is supposed to Edit Photo metadata, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect this to be possible.

Hopefully at some point, Apple will get their finger out and fix this issue, but would really value an interim solution because otherwise this App is unusable to Photographers with Compressed Fujifilm RAW archives (… and that will be most Fujifilm photographers :slight_smile: ).

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If you could send me an example file, it would be awesome. I prefer to ask for a file becauseI do not want to implement the preview and the solution does not work only on your file type.

MetaImage 2.1.0 supports the preview of RAF compressed files.