Please bring back the image timeline for SnapMotion 5.x and beyond


Please bring back the timeline that was available for SnapMotion 4.5. Version 5.0 got rid of the timeline. It’s too important a feature. I like to take several shots, review them, then decide which I’m going to keep. In version 5.0 I have to take a bunch of shots, save them to disk, review them with quick look or some other app, try to somehow compare them side by side, then decide which of the snapshots / images I’m going to keep by manually deleting the others. This process is not easier; it’s harder and more complicated. Please bring back the image timeline.


See side by side images of the image drawer & timeline for the older version 4.5 as compared to newer version 5.0 missing image drawer & timeline feature here…


First of all, thank you very much for your interest in the app. SnapMotion is a small tool that can be very useful. However, this one rarely creates discord.

During the development of version 5 of SnapMotion, I tried to correct the problems reported by users. The recurring problem was that users did not understand why they had to click to select a frame and then press again to export it. Although drag and drop is a nice gesture, doing it in two steps was not optimal.

So I decided to remove this step because choosing images can be done in Finder. In addition, it is much easier to view and sort the exported images in the Finder. I am not entirely closed to going back on my decision. However, I don’t understand when you say it was easier to do this job in the old interface because the options were limited.

I’ll let you convince me. But the application is now one step simpler, and the export of final photos is done instantly, no need to wait twice for the export process.


@jeremyvizzini, I’m a heavy user of SnapMotion. Here’s an example. I think you (and I) will learn a lot if you and I can get on a Skype or Zoom video call so I can show you why version 4.5 is better for workflow, like I mention through Twitter, than version 5.0.

A note about your response; you address exporting through dragging and dropping. But I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on the workflow when it comes to manipulating a video and taking lots of screenshots within that video.

DM me and we can exchange contact info, then coordinate.

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@jeremyvizzini Got your email, replied back. Looking forward to our screen share and workflow conversation about SnapMotion. It’s more than just a casual app for my purposes and anyone who’s interested in learning through video content.


Like I just mentioned on Twitter; “I’ve been trying to post on your support forum but unfortunately, I’m seeing messages saying “Your post was flagged by the community. Please see your messages. View ignored content.” When I check my forum inbox, I see “Your post was flagged as spam” messages.”

I’m not trying to Spam at all, just trying to share how I use SnapMotion in my almost daily workflow. Let’s connect via Twitter since I haven’t heard back from you via email. I’ve got pictures, videos, and media showing my typical workflow there. That way you can see what I’m talking about.


I don’t know why the forum classified your post as spam. I restored them. I will answer you by email right away.