Photos extension error

Every time I try to use the MetaImage Photos Extension to view/edit the metadata on a single image in my Photos library, I get an “unexpected error” message from MetaImage.

I have the extension enabled, I have given MetaImage full access to my photos and to my disk.

I’m using the Mac App Store version 2.3.1 (6220) in macOS Ventura 13.2.1

How do I get the extension to work, please?

Hello Jeff,

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you have the problem with all images?

For instance, do you have the problem if you import a new JPEG to your library and then use the extension on it?

Best regards,
Jérémy Vizzini

Hi Jérémy,

It’s not with all images at first. It’s mostly with RAW images, including ProRAW. It happens with jpeg, heic and tiff as well. But RAW is almost always a problem.

I just imported a new JPEG to my library and I got the error when I tried to use the extension.

One thing that is consistent: If I use the extension to successfully view the metadata for an image and then exit the extension and edit module without making any changes at all, if I immediately go back to the extension to view the metadata for the same image, I will always get the unexpected error message.


Hello Jeff,

I did not get the time to look deeper during the last few days.

Thank you for the details. I have noted the problem. I will investigate next week. As I can’t reproduce the problem, I cannot tell you more now.

I will send a crash log or two by email.


Thank you very much for the crash log!

The problem seems related to the following tags:

  • EXIF:ExposureTime
  • EXIF:ShutterSpeedValue
  • Nikon:ExposureTime

In the Photos extension, you can use the manage button to add and delete tags from the list. Does the problem occur if you remove these tags?

Good news! After removing those tags, the Extension seems to be working well for all images. Thank you for figuring out the solution.

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Thanks! I will fix the problem in the next update