Option to remove Metadata from files


If this was available, could we get smaller movie files?


Hi MikeC,

In order to get smaller video files, you have two options:

The first option is to reduce the image quality. You can change the resolution of your video by setting a smaller resolution during the encoding step. If your images are in Full HD (1080p), you can use the 720p option. Each frame in your video will be smaller, hence the weight of your file as well.

The second option is to change the way the video is encoded. Some encoding algorithms can compress better data. Therefore, they produce a lighter file. However, the encoding or decoding time of the video is usually longer. In the encoding settings you can choose the codec, H264 is the most popular and compatible codec (with Windows, YouTube, etc.). However if you choose HEVC, this codec compresses better data. So by using it you will get smaller files.

Hope it helps


Another option that I forgot is to delete some frames and change the number of frames per second. Instead of using 60 frames per second, you can use 30 frames per second. The file will also be smaller because it will contain less data.


I’m an idiot, I just read the title …

What metadata are you talking about? Metadata weighs nothing compared to images. Removing them will not solve your problem, it is really negligible.


That’s fine thanks.
It’s not a problem, but I was thinking that image files also contain data that is not required in the movie.
But as you say it is minimal and of no consequence.