Newbie: Batch change folder of photos creation date?


I am new to Metalmage (via SetApp)…
Where in the help file are instructions can I find for doing a batch of photos on my external drive to return the file date to the photo created date.
I dragged and dropped all of the photos out of Apple Photos, to an external drive, but it dated all the photos with today’s date, and the photos were taken over ten years ago!

I have tried to find this info my self in the help file, but it keeps bringing me the Neededapp website “Tutorial Articles”?
I know this is simple, but I am not finding the instructions to do this.
(Embarrassingly, I work as software trainer)




I made you two videos showing steps to modify EXIF dates. You can edit any tag in the same way.
The first video shows you how to edit multiple files whereas the second video shows you how to edit all images contained in a folder.

In the preferences, you can also activate the synchronization of EXIF dates and Finder properties.

Video 1 (id=9109):
Video 2 (id=4240):

I hope it helps,
Jérémy Vizzini