Negative Lab Pro metadata

I’m using a popular plug-in called “Negative Lab Pro” in Lightroom Classic (Mac, current version) that provides an alternate workflow for scanned film negative images. NLP also allows for the addition of extended metadata in Lightroom for many of the attributes related to film capture, development, processing, etc. – tags not normally associated with digital captures.

I use Metaimage to sometimes modify and manage metadata from Lightroom exports. I’m new to Metaimage (licensed) but I don’t see any of the NLP metadata in the exports. It may be that I need to add those tags in Metaimage, but I see no way to do this. So… is there any way to have Metaimage recognize and manage these additional new metadata tags from NLP?


M. Hartt

Nevermind. It appears NLP exports its unique data into standard metadata note categories (EXIF, IPTC), as long as you use their NLP export presets in LR. Then the metadata are all editable as normal in Metaimage.

LR apparently won’t embed NLP data from its default export options for “All Metadata”, but the NLP export presets will, and they seem just as configurable as the Adobe options.

There may be other implications I haven’t discovered yet, but so far this seems to be working fine for me using NLP with Metaimage.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the feedback! It will definitely be valuable and help others in need.