MetaVideo: features and suggestions

I am thinking about making a second app for video metadata editing called MetaVideo. That’s why I would like to know what you think about it. Do you need some features? Is making a second app a good choice? It is essential that the application meets the community’s needs. Therefore, I invite you to share your use cases.

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I can’t understand why no one has answered this yet! I don’t think almost anyone (of us normal users) is currently able to change the metadata of a video in such a way that it causes chaos in the Apple Cloud. I’ve been trying to find a program for a day. NOTHING!!! I have had METAIMAGE for a long time and I am extremely satisfied!!! I wouldn’t care if video is implemented in Mataimage or if a separate program is created! I would gladly pay for it!! An app that can do both would certainly be much faster and more elegant.


Thank you for the message!! I think exactly the same, but people don’t think so. I am slowly implementing MetaVideo in my spare time, maybe for a release in 2023.

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Yes, definitely- I was already seeking for a solution for my Sony Alpha Videos Workflow the last few days.

Are you also considering making the MetaImage and possibly MetaVideo Apps as a bundle, and even more importantly: as iPad/iOS apps?

Happy to help with testing!

Thanks & greets from the eastern alps, Austria…


Thanks!! a bundle with MetaImage and MetaVideo will be available for sure!! The iPad/iOS apps are a dream even for me, maybe in 2024.

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Yes please!! I also cannot believe this hasn’t been resolved. The features I personally need are changing the date and inputting GPS coordinates.

Currently if you edit a video, it strips the location data, and replaces the date with the export date. iPad app would be aweosme

I am progressing more each day :grinning:
I will release MetaVideo and MetaRename soon.