MetaImage compressing jpegs


When I open a jpeg image from within Photos (ie. from my Apple photo library) and want to edit the GPS location with the MetaImage extension, MetaImage compresses the image / reduces its size by about 50% before I can start editing. It is very important for me that the images themselves remain unchanged, and that only the metadata is changed by MetaImage. Does anybody know a solution to this?



I answered your email a few days ago. I put the same answer here for other people.

The current version of the extension does not allow editing metadata. If you use the button in the extension, the app should open the original image and not a compressed alternative. I will investigate to solve the problem. For the moment, you can use the export action in the main menu of Photos: File / Export. I talked with Apple, and I will be able to add editing in the extension of the next major update.

Thanks for the feedback.