MetaImage 2 Update Unusable

The new version of MetaImage is unusable. The old version allowed me to make quick updates, navigating with the keyboard, and copy/pasting values. The new version is very mouse heavy and often doesn’t save the updates I make. I can’t open TIFF files. Is it possible to get access to the pervious version. I don’t like this new version at all.



Version 2.0.5 was buggy when saving changes and it was not openning TIFF files. I release version 2.0.6 in less than 24h to fix the problems.

You just need to hold the command key to select the first tag. Then you can navigate using the keyboard:

  • ENTER to edit
  • ARROW DOWN/UP to select the next/previous tags
  • CMD-ENTER to validate the edition
  • ESC to cancel the edition
  • DEL to erase the value
  • CMD-C/V to copy/paste

You cannot download the previous version of an application in the Mac App Store. However you can download it if you bought the app on our website. Previous versions are downloadable in the “versions” tab of this page.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, don’t hesitate to mention them, the goal is to work together so that MetaImage best meets your needs.

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In version 2.0.8, I remplace single click with a double click to edit. Let me know what you think.

Will you ever get the product back to the same level of keyboard input as it had prior to v2? Navigating by cursor was very fast, much faster than using a mouse.

I do not understand what is missing in version 2.0.8? Do you have some specific navigation suggestions?