Merge XMP and IPTC tags (macOS Photos; Smugmug)


Is it possible to merge the XMP Person In Image tags into the IPTC keywords?

When macOS Photos exports images, the keywords become IPTC keywords, and the names of tagged faces go to XMP Person In Image. My goal is to export image files from Photos, run them through MetaImage, and upload them to Smugmug where my keywords and face names would all be listed as searchable keywords. If MetaImage can merge the names from XMP Person In Image into IPTC keywords, I believe it would work. Is it possible to create a preset to do that? Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, MetaImage does not support to copy and merge two tags. I will try to add the option in the next update.

I keep you up to date.


That would be great! Please let me know if I can help with testing or sample files.