Lips, hands and fingers etc


I’m finding Photosrevive very frustrating, and I don’t want it to be. I have another Mac colouriser program (Codijy) and it’s very good for inanimate objects, but when it comes to faces it’s horrible, it looks colourised and unrealistic like a few others, but Photosrevive is second to none in that dept, and a face can look like an actual colour photo with it. Where the problem comes in is with lips, sometimes it doesn’t pick them up properly, especially if lipstick is used, but anytime I try to ‘redden’ the lips a little, the colour seems to bleed into a big area of her face and it’s driving me nuts! Another thing is if the photo is more detailed, and you need to fix parts that weren’t picked up, the problem can get worse. Are there any decent tutorial videos anywhere? I’ve searched, but can’t even find 1 - the built in tutorial with the parrot doesn’t really help much



The site has a short tutorial here:

PhotosRevive was designed to make image colorization accessible to everyone. That is why the application may appear to be limited compared to others. The goal of the application is not to stop at the first colorization. In your example, if the hands or lips are not colorized, the idea is to add color indications manually by clicking on the image.

You can send the photo if you need more helps (
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