Keywords manager not working correctly

I am building a structured keyword list for bird and later other objects, but find that the Keyword Manager is not working correctly/intuitive.
When openend the first entry is alway selected and all operations are based on the selected entry. So when I create a new keyword, it is created ‘inside’ as a child of the selected keyword.
Exporting only exports the selected keyword and it children, and since no multiple keywords can be selected (I tried CMD+A, CMD+CLICK, CMD+SHIFT), it is not possible to export the whole list.
I want to use the keyword list on multiple computers.

Also, importing is just adding the imported file, there is no way of replacing the current list, which is a PITA as the number of entries grows fast when importing a large list. I have found the keywords database in the applications preferences, but that is not the correct way in my opinion.


I apologize for the delay in my response.

Unfortunately, our keyword support is still in its early stages. For now, the best approach is to create a root keyword and organize your keywords as sub-keywords under it. I understand this is not ideal for selecting and deleting multiple items at once. I am actively working on improving this functionality. As mentioned on the forum, I am also waiting to implement a significant improvement using SwiftData.

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Thanks for the information.
I will do the bulk edits in a text file, delete the keywords database and import the edited text file for now.

Also an issue I noticed, maybe I am doing something wrong, is that I get errors during ‘export sidecar’ that I get errors stating that there already exists a file with the same name.

I use Nitro for editing my photos and Nitro stores the edit information inside an xmp sidecar file, which is also used by MetaImage. Nitro does not remove any entries made by other applications in the sidecar file. It would be nice if MetaImage would do the same, or else I must enter all IPTC/XMP metadata first and only later edit the photos.