Is there a way to subtract the EXIF Time Offset from the EXIF Date/Time Original?

For my iPhone photos, the Date/Time Original is in local time and a Time Offset field gets stored with the local time zone offset. (I saw a couple of other threads mentioning this.)

I would like to be able to convert this to GMT by subtracting the Time Offset from the Date/Time Original and then setting the Time Offset to 0. But I’d like it done automatically instead of me having to tediously find all the photos with offset of -4:00, adding 4:00 to the date/time, setting the offset to 0, and repeating those steps for all the other possible Time Offsets in my batch of photos. Is there currently (or planned) a way to accomplish this?

The reason this is so tedious is that the iPhone often gets confused around the borders of a time zone, and switches back and forth. Sometimes it gets confused when the phone is (or has been) in airplane mode for a flight. And on a recent trip, it got confused for no reason I could discern. I want to adjust this to GMT both because the timezone can be wrong and it’s generally easier for me to just get them in GMT and then convert to the correct time zone based on location data and my memory; and because the photos are interspersed with videos which don’t have the Time Offset (so I want to bring them “in sync” before importing to my library software).

I’m hoping there’s some way in MetaImage to accomplish this. (I’m open to the possibility that I’m overlooking some alternate fact which would make it much easier, but I’ve failed to come up with anything despite a lot of testing between phone, three computers, Image Capture, iCloud Photos, and Aperture.)

(For videos from my iPhone, I can accomplish this by copying the QuickTime Create Date to the file’s creation date/time. At least in my experiments, the QuickTime Create Date is the GMT timestamp, whereas the QuickTime Creation Date is the local timestamp.)

Thanks for any help!

Hi Andrew,

Currently, automating this process according to the time offset using presets isn’t possible. I’ve acknowledged the issue and intend to incorporate an action either in the menu bar or within the preset to resolve this. Thank you for your feedback. While I don’t know of a way to achieve this through the interface, using ExifTool directly might be a viable option.

Best regards,
Jeremy Vizzini

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