Is it possible to use standard value list?

I’m just switching from Windows and the tool GeoSetter to MacOS. Per photo shoot I like to do some tagging editing to the photo exif information. For now, I like your MetaImage software.

To keep my library consistent, I use some own defined (value) list per tag. Like a list for “IPTC Supplemental Categories”, “IPTC Keywords” or “XMP Person In Image”.

Is it possible to create an own value list in MetaImage? If not, what about a new roadmap feature?

Hello Michel,

I’m not sure I understood.

You can edit the tags mentioned above and set the value you want. You can also automatically edit them using presets. Please note that they are not displayed by default and you have to add them to the displayed tags.

The application does not support custom metadata tags. I will definitely add all this to the roadmap. However for the moment, it was not planned and the road is already very long.

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the reply, but I think we do not understand each other well.

In my case, I developed my own workflow of tagging. Which tags must be filled, and many tags have a standard list of values for me.

Eg. in the keyword tag, I put the names of of relatives and friend. So in total this list contains approx 60 persons. To make the workflow/case quick and efficient, I like to pic the names from a pick list (or recently used values for this tag). It must be a multi value picker, in order to do the tagging efficient and quickly.

the workflow you described, means I have to define 60 separate “presets” and if I need 3 keywords/persons, I have to select 3 times the preset feature. navigate to menu bar, select menu item, search for preset, activate the preset. That is too much manual handling, and make the workflow inefficient.

So, how can we improve the workflow efficiency with less handling?


Hello there,

You can create a list of keywords in the main menu Window > Keyword Manager. Just add keywords of your friends, they will appear in the table beside your tags. You will be able to double click on them to add them.

Let me know if it helps