IPTC/XMP sub-location tags

Hi Jeremy,

I’m test driving Metaimage and overall your application seems great. I have a small issue however, regarding the sub-location tag. Why isn’t it part of the results of the search by map? There is only the coordinates+city+state+country code. Could you add it, at least as an option? That would be very convenient! It should be part of the copy/paste location too…

Last but not least, when adding a location with the map (or using the copy/paste location), why populating the various IPTC location fields (minus the sublocation…) but not the XMP fields?


Hey Nicolas,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Just a quick question, which part of the address are you adding to the sublocation field? The place name of the location?

If you use Main Menu > GPS > Edit Location Tags > Copy/Paste Tags, the XMP tags will be copied automatically too.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Yes, usually the name of the place, or the number/street name for example.
Regarding the copy/paste, that’s good to know but my current workflow is to reverse the geolocation with Metadata (my pictures are scans of older photos, without gps coordinates), since Metadata only writes IPTCs there are no XMPs to copy :wink:

Thanks Nicolas,

There is an action in the main menu GPS > Edit EXIF GPS Location > Complete. It autocompletes the EXIF coordinates using the IPTC location tags. I will make a similar action to complete both EXIF and XMP. I will release it in the next update.This will certainly make the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Currently, it seems like there are no other convenient solutions available to achieve this, so adding this feature will definitely be a valuable addition to the software.

Thanks! I probably should wait for the new version before going any further then, hopefully it won’t last long :slight_smile: Regarding the sub-location, I forgot that it would be great to also save it in the favorites, in the “search for a location” window.