iPad app of Gluemotion

If the Mac app is built for apple silicon, what are the chances of getting the app for iPad? It would be cool while travelling to whip up a Timelapse, even if the more intensive Timelapse’s were restricted to M1/M2 iPads

Hello there,

The GlueMotion engine is already ready for iOS. The limitation is not technical. The problem is the use case. Are these devices suitable for this type of activity?

  • How do you store your image set? In Photos? or Files?
  • Does a user want to block his device and drain his battery while generating the video?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the reply.

Personally I would say yes. I do quite a bit of video editing and exporting on my iPad, and it faces the same set of issues (ie can’t do anything while it’s exporting , as well as data management).

For me, it would be great to be able to whip up a quick 30 second Timelapse using 1,000-2,000 images (depending on fps).

The images would be sourced from an external SSD, or even directly from a SD card plugged in via USB-C. Some people may want images from the photos app, but personally that would be a headache for me adding in so many photos. So files app access would be essential.

Regarding the export process, yes I would be happy to block the device during exporting. This is the same while exporting any videos. Fortunately the apple silicon chips are very efficient and fast in this respect. Maybe enable “Split View” & “Slide Over” in the app, so the app can be exporting while only using as little as ¼ of the screen real estate, while enabling the user to multi task by using another app at the same time.

These are the same limitations that video editors (Lumafusion) and photo editors (Lightroom) face during export. I use both regularly on my iPad, and being able to do Timelapse’s while travelling light would be great for me (I’m happy to test it for you :grin:). Maybe it needs to be restricter to the newer iPads with USB-C ports, and if released please include a dark mode to protect the screen during longer exports. Thanks

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Thank you very much for the message. We will soon launch MetaVideo and MetaRename to complete our solutions for photographers using metadata. I don’t think I’ll have time to finish and release another project this year. However, if you tell me that there may be a market, I’ll think about it. I have already planned to make MetaImage and MetaVideo for iOS and iPadOS. GlueMotion would be very easy to do because all is technically ready.