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Hi There. I’ve just purchased Metimage. I am having trouble saving preset text. I am running a Mac and am trying to change EXIF user comment to some preset text, and to put my name in the copyright field… somehow I was able to save some text to one preset, which appears in the preset menu, but If I drop the menu and select it it does not populate the selected field. Can one preset text be entered in any field? Does a preset only work in one field? I am scanning old family photos and attempting to put the writing on the back of the photos into a metadata field such s user comments… Are there limits to the number of characters in these text entries? Is there an instruction manual? Many thanks for any tips.

Update: After more experimentation I have discovered that yes, a preset needs to be created in the very field it is to be used in. And after watching the youtube video several times I found the ‘speed button’ and slowed it down to 25/5 where I was able to actually see what was going on even though the interface is different on the version I have it was sufficient together me on the right track. I prefer to read good instructions rather than experiment, but I’ve got things going now! Here are my notes for those who need it:
Open a photo. Select a field for the preset. Hit Presets button - manage presets. Click Edit upper left - New Preset.
‘Untitled preset’ text shows in left column. Click in this text and type in new name for preset. Hit enter to confirm. Select a field in bottom right, for example EXIF:Modify Date. Click New Entry in middle upper area. Then select Action on right, such as ‘Use custom text’. Type in text as needed. Click Validate button. Close window with red dot in upper left corner.
To delete a Preset: Preset Button - Manage Presets. Select preset in left column. Click delete in right top corner.
Presets only apply to the specific fields you have selected. One preset can fill in several fields.

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I am sorry for the confusion and lack of instruction. I’m working on the next major update of MetaImage (free major update). Once finished, I will add new articles to the tutorial section of our website.

As you have understood, a preset is a set of actions with one action per tag. Another way to batch edit is to select several tags in the editing interface and click on the “Use Preset Action” button. It allows you to apply the same action to all selected tags once.

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Thanks for that. I look forward to the new version!