Incorrect XMP lens info

Hi there, I’ve got a problem with MetaImage 2.3.1 (that I didn’t seem to have on previous versions).

I’ve deleted the XMP lens info in the editor:

…but this hasn’t changed the XMP settings when I inspect the file.

Is this a bug? Sadly Flickr seems to read the incorrect XMP settings rather than the EXIF data that I’ve set to the correct lens.

Many thanks.

Hello there,

You can quickly check if the changes have been applied by re-opening the files in MetaImage. If the XMP:LensInfo is empty, it does mean that Flickr is using another tag you did not delete. You can use the inspect button in the window toolbar to list the remaining tags.

You can also send me a copy of the image at I will inspect the files manually to understand the source of the problem.

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When I use “Inspect” to examine the file the XMP section still has the following information:


Hello there,

Thank you very much for the email with the attached picture. MetaImage displays the tag in the list because your image contains the Exif:Lens tag. The value corresponding to this tag is empty, and this is what is displayed by the app.

If you want to remove this tag, you can replace its value with a hyphen “-”. This a special value. MetaImage will remove the tag during the saving changes.

Let me know if it works,
Have a nice day,
Jérémy Vizzini

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