How to use this app—Bread crumbs

I just bought this app and cannot understand it. What do you do first, 2nd, 3rd. Incomprehensible.

Bread crumbs, please. Help!

Hello there,

I want to thank you for taking the time. I get that the interface might not be the most intuitive, but trust me, the process is pretty straightforward.

MetaRename lets you rename a bunch of files all at once using a filename template in a format that is quite similar to the one use in ExifTool, the most used tool for metadata, uses. Furthermore, the app gives you other options, like filtering files, changing directories, and doing text substitutions.

1-To get started, open the app and import the files you’d like to rename.

2- If you want to view the metadata tags included in a file, simply click on the “Inspect Files” button in the toolbar.

3- As shown above, the files contain EXIF:CreateDate dates, which we’ll use for renaming. Let’s remove the current file path, then hit the “Add” button to set up the new template. When you’re finished, simply click the “Generate Names” button to preview the generated filenames.

4-Once you’re satisfied with the new folder and filename, just click the “Rename Files” button to start processing them.

Let me know if you need more details.
Have a nice day.
Jérémy Vizzini