How do I change ratings, title, comments, description, etc?


I don’t see any of those options in this app. (0th). I’m trying to use this for SEO reasons



MetaImage supports almost every known tag that exists. I think you didn’t understand how metadata management works. There is not a single tag but many different tags to store the information you mentioned above.

For example, MacOS uses XMP and IPTC tags, while Google uses EXIF tags instead. This is why the application allows you to edit the tag you want precisely.

Some of the most used tags that may interest you are:

  • EXIF:Artist
  • EXIF:Copyright
  • EXIF:UserComment
  • IPTC:By-line
  • IPTC:By-lineTitle
  • IPTC:Headline
  • IPTC:Caption-Abstract
  • IPTC:Keywords
  • XMP:Keyword

Let me know if it helps