GPS data into Lightroom via MetaImage

I am trying to use MetaImage to add location data to my photos, which is stored inside the image file.

As I currently use LightroomClassic, I can also use LrC to do that, but they use the sidecar file method, which I don’t like for that.

But if I geotag photos via MetaImage, LrC does not recognize the location data. Is there a method I should be using to be able to do that?

As I don’t want to use LrC indefinitely, too expensive for that, I only want to use it for certain sorting aspects and such.


MetaImage allows you to add geographical information directly to image files or sidecar files, embedding location data as EXIF and/or IPTC/XMP information. To ensure Lightroom Classic (LrC) recognizes this data without using sidecar files, embed the location in the EXIF metadata.

Since I don’t personally use LrC, I’m not exactly sure how to do this, but I believe you need to make sure LrC is not relying on or creating sidecar files for location data. You might have to manually tell LrC to read the updated metadata via an option in the interface or menu.

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