Fujifilm X-T5 EXIF orientation says horizontal but image displays as portrait, why?

I have a photo blog where I use a script to differentiate between landscape and portrait photos (because they’re displayed in different part of the page). I used to shoot with a Fujifilm X-T2 and mostly the script worked by looking at the EXIF orientation.

However, now I shoot with a Fujifilm X-T5 and both landscape and portrait photos have an EXIF Orientation of “Horizontal (normal)”. I’ve verified that in both my script and MetaImage whereas X-T2 images had either:

  • Rotate 270W (Portrait)
  • Horizontal (normal) (Landscape)

Is there some other way I can programmatically determine the correct orientation of the photo?

Hello Alex,

Have you considered directly reading the image size or utilizing the EXIF tags such as EXIF Image Width/Height? By doing so, you can easily determine whether the height surpasses the width or vice versa.

Feel free to send me an example image so that I can delve deeper into the included tags. Alternatively, you can also explore them yourself using the third button in the toolbar. This tool allows you to compare tags included in selected files (for instance, one from X-T2 and another one from X-T5).

Best regards,
Jérémy Vizzini