File File Name Cannot Be Edited

I created a preset to rename my digital files to the create date/time, but there is text under the File File Name field that says ‘cannot be edited’.

Does anyone know why? Or what I’m doing wrong?

Hello there,

Almost all tags can be read and edited. It is the case for nearly all EXIF, IPTC, and XMP tags. However, some tags cannot be changed due to technical reasons, and this mention is added below their name.

File:FileName is a very special tag introduced in MetaImage 2. You cannot change its value to rename your files because the app does not support it. This tag is read-only. I am working on two additional tools for metadata editing: MetaVideo to edit metadata of audio and video files and MetaRename to rename and move files. I have been working on them for several months, and a huge job remains. I cannot announce a release date yet.

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