Feature request when using Photos link

I have found MetaImage invaluable for updating batches of my old digitized photos. However, I’ve recently been using the Remote control of Photos link in the app, and have a couple of feature requests:-

  1. Would it be possible to allow presets created in the rest of the app to be used?
  2. The GPS mapping map would be more useful if (a) it could be zoomed much closer than it’s current default (which at the moment covers a vast area so you ALWAYS have to zoom in much closer) and (b) if you could change the view to be satellite, hybrid or Photos default.

Many thanks for a great application and for starting up this forum!

Thank you for being brave enough to do the first post :slight_smile:

Using the same presets that whose used in the app can be implemented. It may not be very intuitive, but it is possible. I will take a closer look at how to do it.

The map that is not in satellite mode if we change the settings in the preferences is a bug. I will fix it in the next update. I will also save the zoom between each use.

Feel free to notify me if I forgot any of these things in the next update.