Export images / save image


I have a question, after edit the metadata / exif informatie. I save all files. But what does it do?

  1. Does it overwrite the image?
  2. Does it do nothing?
  3. Can I export the image to a folder?

Thank you.

Hello Peter,

I will attempt to address each point one by one.

An image consists of multiple components, including pixel blocks and textual information known as metadata. MetaImage provides the capability to access and display these textual blocks as a list of metadata tags. You can utilize the interface for both inspecting your files and editing these tags. When you save any modifications, MetaImage will replace the existing textual blocks with new ones while leaving the pixel data untouched. To ensure the safety of your images, the process generates copies as a precaution against failures. If the entire process is successful, the updated image will replace the old one in Finder.

The app won’t make any changes if you’re just checking out the metadata. It comes into action only when you decide to edit the metadata and save those changes.

The short answer is no. You should create a copy yourself and then make your edits to that copy.

I hope it helps
Jérémy Vizzini