Editing EXIF data on Fujifilm to access new film sims


I’m super interested in this software for changing EXIF data on my Fujifilm X-T2 to one of the newer camera models so I can unlock the new film sims (Classic Neg, etc.) in Lightroom and/or Capture 1. Anyone successfully done that? Just want to make sure it’s possible before I purchase. Thanks!


MetaImage supports RAW files from your camera. I encourage you to download the demo version of the application. It will allow you to check if the application can read metadata of your RAW files. Moreover, if the app does not fit your needs, you can ask me for a refund :wink:


Thanks Jeremy,

I missed the demo version, I was looking for exactly that. I’ll poke around. Much appreciated!


Yes the demo is available at https://neededapps.com/metaimage/trial

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Thanks again Jeremy!