Edit metadata to Photos app



I’m trying to edit the location data of pictures from the Photo app, but cannot find a way to do it.

I tried first to export them to MetaImage from the photo app (edit with), change the location in the MetaImage, save, and then “Actions”>“Export to Photos.app”, but the image in the photo app is not updated (I tried to close/reopened, did not work as well)

I also tried to use the MetaImage remote control, I opened photo.app, selected the images I wanted to edit the location of, switched to the remote control, selected the correct location in the remote control, and press the button “Apply Changes”, but again the location is not set in the photo.app

Am I doing anything incorrectly?
(NB: I enabled the full disk access in the macos privacy settings. My photolibrary folder is on an external HD)

Thanks in advance for the support



The Automation may be disabled due to some security reasons. Can you check in the preferences?

Have a nice day,
Jérémy Vizzini


Thanks, that did the trick, it’s now working as expected :smile:

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