Edit Create Date in Mac Photos


Hi, the photos that were forwarded from few devices have no metadata in them. All these images are in Mac Photos. I tried using “adjust date / time” in photos. Though it changes the date, when I try exporting and upload to amazon photos the dates dont show up for these images. They are classified as no date. I thought metaimage can help. Used metaimage to update the date for these images in mac photos. But no luck, when I export these updated images and upload to amazon photos, the date still dont show up. Finally I tried exporting the images from mac photos and then edit the create date if the jpeg using metaimage. When I upload this updated image, I do see the updated date in amazon photos. What date should I update using metaimage to ensure the date is updated both in mac photos and will stay the same when I export the image out of mac photos? Trying to avoid the extra step of export / import to mac photos since I have to do this for several thousand photos. Please advise.



Unfortunately, Mac Photos does not allow us to edit all metadata. You can use the remote control to change the date stored in the database used by Mac Photos. However, modifying dates displayed in Photos’ interface does not alter the date in the original files. Moreover, you have to use the main menu to export the images and enable the option to include metadata.

I just tried it. It seems that exported images with modified dates have the tags below up to date. You should also note that file system tags are not synced to the new values.

  • EXIF:DateTimeOriginal
  • EXIF:CreateDate
  • EXIF:ModifyDate
  • IPTC:DateCreated
  • IPTC:TimeCreated

Now that the explanation about Mac Photos is complete, we need to get on with Amazon Photos. I never use the service, so I’ll try to make some guesses. If the service uses EXIF or IPTC tags then the solution is straightforward. You have to use the remote control of MetaImage to modify the dates of your images in Mac Photos. Then you have to export the pictures by going through the main menu and enabling metadata. If the service uses file system tags, the solution is to use MetaImage to sync file system tags with EXIF tags.

If you want that original images contain the expected metadata dates, you have no choice. You will have to export your pictures from mac Photos, edit them with MetaImage and then re-import them.

I hope it helps.