Disappointed by the UI/UX updates in v2


I had to join the forum to give some feedback on the MetaImage v2 update, which I feel is a slight step backwards in terms of UX.

The thing I loved about MetaImage prior to the v2 release was the UI/UX of the app. It was excellent. It was fast and efficient. Most things were on one screen and I felt productive using it.

The modal popovers and full screen views in v2 interrupt the flow, the list view sidebar takes up 50% of the UI width and I have some trouble understanding what the icons on the top bar are for. They would benefit from labels. Lighting bolts and generic list icons don’t really portray what’s behind them.

Ultimately though I appreciate the great effort you put into the app and I fully understand these products are not easy things to make and maintain. However, I was so pleased when I found v1 a couple of years ago and rely on the app often enough that I felt I wanted to give a bit of feedback.

I bought direct, can I downgrade to v1?

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The design of the toolbar is the one requested by Apple. Note that tooltips appear if you leave your cursor over the icons. I can add an option in the main menu to add labels below icons if it helps. Would this option help you?

You are not the only one to tell me that the old layout was better. Although I’ve discussed this before, I don’t understand how adding the sidebar is more effective. If you want to be really efficient, it’s best to use keyboard shortcuts. To edit anyway, it is necessary at some point to change the focus on the edit text field, whether it is in a window or the sidebar.

I started working on adding a bar like version 1.9.8, and I would leave the choice to the users.

If you bought the app on our site, you could download the old version in the Archives / MetaImage / Versions / 1.9.8 (MetaImage | NeededApps). However, this is a temporary solution. I want the app to continue to meet different needs. I want to discuss them to understand the issues and find an interface that everyone likes.

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Sidebar added in 2.1.0 (option should be enabled in the app settings)