Dealing with "Cannot be Edited" tags in MP4s

New customer here. I’m looking to use MetaVideo to modify MP4 movie tags. In some files, some tags come up as “Cannot be Edited” even though other files allow editing those tags.

I’ve got a video file where I’ve set the “QuickTime Parental Rating” tag with another program. When I open the same file in MetaVideo, it tells me “Cannot be Edited”. I see this somewhat randomly in other tags in other video files that I have (not necessarily the same tag). Is there any way to make MetaVideo “force write” tags that it seems to think “Cannot be Edited”?


Hello there,

The latest version of MetaVideo employs both AVFoundation and ExifTool for metadata editing. If you encounter the message “Cannot be Edited”, it indicates that neither of these engines can modify the data for your files. While some tags may appear straightforward to change, the underlying structures can often be complex. Regrettably, there isn’t a “force write” option. However, if ExifTool can modify the tags but MetaVideo can’t, it could suggest a potential bug within MetaVideo.

Have a nice day