Can't sync .ssh / .config due to Sandboxing


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I’ve added .ssh and .config manually to SyncSettings. Normally I would have used a dot files-repo to sync them but SyncSettings seemed more straight forward.

Not when "Install"ing the setting I get the above failure. I’m on Catalina.

Is there any way to make this work? I’ve added SyncSettings to “Full Hard Disk Access” but no changes. Is there at least a way to access the files that SyncSettings has saved for .ssh and .config? That way I could install them manually.

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The chmod -R 777 method is the most effective way to resolve authorization issues. You should open the terminal app, write sudo chmod -R 777 followed by the location of the folder that is not synced by SyncSettings. Then you just have to make the install with SyncSettings.

Let me know if it is working?
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Yes it worked. It had to set my home-directory (~/) to 777 in order to make this work.
Does not really feel to right so I’ll always revert this, after using SyncSettings.

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