Can't Sync Due To Sandboxing?

Since upgrading to Catalina, I’m getting errors during sync that say something like “The local data cannot be written by the application. It may be due to the sandboxing of the application.” Any solution to this? I have SyncSettings added to Full Disk Access in Security & Privacy preferences.


I am sorry for the tardy answer.

The problem is that SyncSettings is limited by Apple, and this more and more because of the updates.

The chmod -R 777 method is the most effective way to resolve authorization issues. You should open the terminal app, write sudo chmod -R 777 followed by the location of the folder that is not synced by SyncSettings. Then you just have to make the install with SyncSettings.

Unfortunately, if it does not work, the simplest way is to set up this app manually as if you didn’t have SyncSettings for the app that failed.