Cannot edit files over 4GB... I think

Nothing happens when I try to save the edits done in a file that is larger than approx. 4.3GB.
The saving is instantaneous but in reality the metadata is not changed.

File type: MPEG-4 AAC, H.264
Size: 4.63GB
Length: 6:35:15
Dimensions: 1920x1080

Can you provide me with a sample file? I’d like to use it to attempt to replicate the issue on my computer.

Sure, please find below one of the files:!AqF56fmRi6UJz_M8qylkidPhczNr5Q?e=drTLEk

I tried to modify the Title, Artwork and Location and when I click save, it is instantly done and nothing changes.

I am sorry for the delay. I didn’t see the notification about the reply.

I cannot download the file.