Batch processing of images with keywords in excel file

Hi, I’m looking for a way to easily enter keywords for a batch of images. I have the name and keywords listed in an Excel file, name of each file in the first column and keywords separated with comma in the second column.
Is there a way for MetaImage to get those two columns and match them with selected photos? I’ve tried to look in the help, but all it does is open the tutorial web page and there is nothing in MetaImage yet.
Those file are .NEF files, so RAW. So metaImage has to be able to write to an .xmp file that is compatible with adobe and other software that use that standard.

Compatibility with Excel files is not planned at the moment. I think the easiest way is to batch add keywords would be to write a little script using ExifTool.

I am actually working on the support of sidecar files. The update will be released soon with many improvements. So, the short is yes: you will be able to import and export XMP files in the next update.

I chose to continue to improve the apps at the same time as I write tutorials. I already started writing some tutorials about other NeededApps apps. MetaImage tutorials are coming soon.