Batch editing EXIF data for thousands of photos fails

So I am trying to distribute the correct DateTime for thousands of photos extracted from a TimeLapse video, but it fails every time. I am running the latest version of MI (2.0.10) on macOS Monterey on a MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro). Seems to be an error with the JSON file?

I couldn’t find how to reproduce the error.

You import thousand of files in the app, you select all files and edit a date tag. Then you save all changes?

I think I know what might cause the error to occur. Apparently the software lets me start saving all files before it is done processing and distributing all the DateTimes. I tried going slower this time around, and lo and behold no error :smile:

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Thanks, I noted the problem and added to the list of bugs. I will add a progress indicator.